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Ten Common (and Less Common) Jewish Jewelry Motifs Explained

August 26, 2015

As one would expect from a nearly 4,000 year-old culture, Judaism is full of religious symbols and iconography. Many of these motifs are commonly used in Jewish art and jewelry. Below we explore some of the most common (and less common) Jewish jewelry motifs. These motifs are sometimes used individually but are often combined with one another in beautiful and original ways…   1. Star of David The Jewish Star is the most popular symbol associated with Judaism around the world and perhaps the most popular motif for Jewish jewelry. Also called a "Magen David," or "Shield of David," the symbol is said to originate from the shield of the Israelite King David, though its actual origins are not completely...

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The Menorah is an Enduring Jewish Symbol

August 13, 2015

Dating back nearly 4,000 years to Abraham, the Jewish People have developed a rich religious and cultural heritage. Like many cultures and faiths, Judaism has many significant objects and traditional symbols. Just a few include the tallit, tefillin, kippah, seder plate, kiddush cup, Shabbat candles, besamim (havdalah spices) lulav and etrog, and of course, the Ten Commandments and Torah. One of the oldest and most enduring symbols of the Jewish culture is the menorah. The menorah was a seven-branched candelabrum of intricate detail and pure gold construction. It is described in the Bible as God instructs Moses to build it to be used in the Tabernacle, or Mishkan, a portable sanctuary constructed in the desert to worship God after the...

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