Chai Earrings

Chai, as regularly heard in the toast L’chaim, means life, which we celebrate every day that we are alive. Chai is a very popular symbol and the design of the two Hebrew letters together is very artistic and makes beautiful jewelry. Chai earrings are our most popular Jewish earring design. We have both stud and dangle styles in yellow gold and sterling silver. Young girls especially love the small stud earrings and Bat-Mitzvah girls love the chai and heart dangles!


Chai Earrings

Visual symbols are common in Jewish culture and represent spiritual tenants of the faith. Most recognizable is the Star of David, which is a symbol of the faith as a whole. There are several other symbols that hold deep spiritual meanings; Chai is one of those symbols.

In Hebrew, Chai is steeped in meaning. Chai contains two letters of the Hebrew alphabet: "chet" and "yod". Together they mean "life", and it is one of the more recognized symbols in Judaism. With special emphasis on celebrating and loving life in Jewish culture, Chai is especially symbolic. Chai has a simple meaning with layers of significance.

Hebrew words are given a numerical value, and the number 18 is especially spiritual. The two letters "chet" and "yud", which make up the word Chai, are given the values of 8 and 10 respectively. In Jewish culture, monetary gifts are usually given in multiples of $18 to express the giving of a good life.

Chai is used in many essential places in Jewish culture, you toast "L'Chaim!" which means "To life!". Chai can also represent the value of the Jewish people as a nation. "Am Yisrael Chai" is a saying which means, "The nation Israel lives". It depicts the meaningfulness of the life of the Jews past, present, and future and links the Jewish community together as a whole.

Dating back to the 18th century, Jews in Eastern Europe began to see Chai as symbol that brings blessing and protection. Because of it's significance, jewelry, such as these beautiful stud and dangle earrings, are often worn. The symbol is seen as one that bestows good luck and protection upon the life of the wearer. It represents the hope that one has in the preservation of life.

These earrings are perfect for special events or everyday wear. They would be an especially meaningful gift for the person who deserves to be bestowed upon the gift of hope and life.