Chai Rings

The word “Chai” is made up of two Hebrew letters, Chet and Yod. Aside from the deep significance of the word, the combination of the two letters is a beautiful artistic design and craftsmen love incorporating it into jewelry design. Perhaps that’s why we have the most style options for Chai rings. From dainty, feminine rings, to handcrafted filigree work to bulky masculine signet rings, we have Chai rings for everyone in both silver and gold.


Chai Rings

Throughout the world, across every culture, there are words or phrases that speak to universal truths. These words are transcendent ideologies that articulate deep meanings with simple phrasing. In Hebrew, one such word is Chai or "life" in English. A simple word conveys so much and is also rich with Judaic significance.

In Judaism, the importance of Chai has multiple implications. It heralds the importance of life and being a living form on this Earth. Not to be taken lightly, this idea is at the core of the intrinsic value of human existence and the connection of all life as we know it. Chai also addresses the importance of living by the teachings of Judaism. It serves as a reminder to walk and live by those principles that communicate the highest possible enlightenment of the faith. Thoughtfulness, selflessness, and kindness being chief among them.

Many also don't realize the numerical significance of Chai. When written, it is comprised of Yud (י) and Chet (ח) from the Hebrew alphabet. These are the 8th and 10th letters of that alphabet. When combined to equal 18, this can be seen as an allusion to the 18 individual prayers of Judaism. It is also common for participants to make donations in values of 18 as an omen and hope of a good life. This may be a distant relation to the main theological meanings of Chai, however, 18 still carries that abstract significance for Jews.

The idea of Chai has also saturated popular culture, the idea of Chai is depicted in "Fiddler on the Roof." When the characters toast and shout, "L'Chaim!" It translates to, "To life!"

For contemporary participants of the Jewish religion, wearing the Chai symbol on a ring is an easy way to acknowledge their agreement with its meaning. These classy, thoughtful pieces are a great addition for the modern representation of the Hebrew phrase.