Jewish Wedding Bands & Rings: A Gift to Remember

The most beautiful way to commemorate your love is with Jewish wedding bands. These elegant bands have quotes from the Biblical book Song of Songs. The most popular quote is Ani Le Dodi V’Dodi Li which translates to “I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me” is one of the traditional Jewish wedding vows. The other is Ze Dodi V’ Ze Rei which translates to “this is my beloved, this is my friend”. Both quotes make beautiful Jewish wedding bands and anniversary gifts. Our Jewish Wedding rings are made of 14k yellow and white gold. For the traditional wedding there are many styles that are completely solid. The open wedding band styles and the diamond wedding bands are more suitable for anniversary gifts or vow renewals. These stunning beloved bands are all custom made to order in your ring size. Please allow 3 weeks delivery since all of our Jewish wedding bands are handmade.

Ani Le Dodi FAQs

Can Jewish wedding bands have diamonds?

Traditional Jewish wedding bands must fulfill several criteria. They most be worth at least a penny and be smooth and circular in shape without any stones or piercings. So, no diamonds allowed for the ring used in the ceremony!

Can Jewish wedding bands be engraved?

Yes, a Jewish wedding band can be engraved as long as the engraving does not pierce through the ring, meaning that the ring is still a complexly solid circle. Consult the rabbi marrying you to confirm because very observant rabbis might require no engraving.

What does Ani Le Dodi mean?

Ani Le Dodi V’ Dodi Li means I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me. It’s a quote from the Song of Songs and is part of the wedding vows traditionally recited in a Jewish wedding.

What quotes are inscribed on Jewish Wedding Bands?

The most popular quote inscribed in a Jewish Wedding band is Ani Le Dodi V’ Dodi Li (see above). We also see Ze Dodi V’ Ze Rei (this is my beloved this is my friend) and Harei At Mekudeshet Li (Behold, you are consecrated to me).

Do both men and women wear Jewish wedding bands?

Traditionally the only ring under the chuppah is the one given from the man to the woman. The tradition of exchanging ring is a more recent one and is incorporated into many ceremonies because most men do wear wedding bands!

Can an Ani Le Dodi ring be given after the wedding?

Yes, many of our customers purchase Ani Le Dodi wedding bands for anniversary gifts, birthday gifts or vow renewals. For these occasions there are no rules regarding the design of the ring which is why some of our most popular rings have cut out sections and diamonds in them!