Hamsa Hand Bracelet

The hamsa is a powerful symbol with many meanings, most popular of which is a good luck amulet meant to ward off the evil eye. On Jewelry Judaica you can find a variety of hamsa hand bracelets including  Kabbalah style hamsa bracelets on red or  turquoise leather, silver link bracelets with hamsa charms, a cubic zirconia evil eye hamsa bracelet and our most exquisite yellow gold diamond hamsa bracelet! And of course don’t stop at one bracelet, these hamsa hand bracelets look great stacked!


Hamsa Hand Bracelet

The hamsa hand is a 5-fingered hand, usually with a second thumb in place of the pinkie finger. Often there is an eye inside the hand. While the hamsa hand is most commonly used in Jewish and Muslim cultures, it is believed that it existed before these religions did. It goes back to an ancient Middle Eastern goddess; the symbol of her hand provided protection from evil and misfortune.

Later the symbol was used in Islam, the five fingers representing the five pillars of Islam. Muslims called it the "hand of Fatima". Fatima was the Prophet Muhammad's daughter. Judaism prospered simultaneously with Islam, so it is not surprising that the hamsa hand has become an important image in the Jewish faith as well.

In Judaism, the hamsa hand conveys many meanings. Most notably, it symbolizes the hand of God. It has also been said that the five fingers represent the five books of the Torah. Still others have called it the "hand of Miriam". Miriam was Moses' sister. The hand is reminiscent of Moses keeping his hands held up in battle in order for Israel to succeed. The five fingers can also remind the wearer to use all five senses to praise the Creator.

In the past few decades, the hamsa hand has become popular in Jewish art and jewelry. It is often placed near the door of a home for protection. When worn, it is thought to provide the wearer with strength, peace, power, and most of all, protection. The hamsa hands that are adorned with an eye in the middle are supposed to provide protection against the evil eye. The evil eye of a jealous person will bring bad luck and negative consequences to whom it is given.

Our lovely hamsa hand bracelets come in several different styles. Choose between simple, decorative hamsa hands or those with evil eye protection. We also have hamsa hands that are accessorized with other spiritual symbols such as Chai and the Star of David. These bracelets would be a wonderful gift to yourself or to others who may deserve an extra dose of blessing and protection.