Hamsa Hand Earrings

Hamsa means five in Arabic, so it is fitting that a five fingered hand is also called Hamsa. The hamsa symbol has come to mean good luck and offer protection to whoever wears it. While you typically see the hamsa symbol in pendants, hamsa hand earrings are very popular as well! We have both stud and dangle styles in both yellow gold and sterling silver. The studs are perfect for young girls or second holes, and the dangles are fun for people of all ages!


Hamsa Earrings are Symbolic

Jewelry is much more than just a form of adornment. It is often worn as a way to communicate to others or to represent a feeling. The pieces can be beautiful, and at the same time, have a deep meaning. Wearing Hamsa Hand Earrings is a way to take good karma everywhere.


The Hamsa five finger hands have many meanings. It derives from the Arabic word hamsa, or the Hebrew phrase hamesh hand which means five. This is in reference to the number of fingers on each hand. This palm shaped amulet has a rich history.

Historical Background

The discovery of ancient artifacts shows how important the hamsa was to Middle Eastern culture and their belief system. The use of the hamsa symbol in Islam connected it with the Jewish faith. Members of the Christian faith embraced the hamsa because of its symbolism.

Symbolic Strength

The flat open right hand has historically been used for protection. It is the foundation for power, strength, health, good fortune, happiness, deflects the evil eye, and is a representative of great blessings. Some members of the Jewish faith see the hamsa hand as a reminder of the five senses in praise of god.


The popularity of the hamsa hand in today’s society is based on the premise of good luck and protection. Many people who wear the hand feel a strong sense of security and a positive outlook on life. The hamsa hand worn as jewelry puts the power of protection close to the body.

Meaningful Designs

The work of modern day artisans have incorporated many wonderful design concepts into the pieces. Hamsa jewelry comes with hearts, open design, and evil eye. They may have jewels added or specific symbols that encompass the overall theme. The hands themselves are available in many different configurations, but all stay true to the original five fingers.


Hamsa earrings are the perfect item for everyday wear. They match up well with other jewelry items and look wonderful with any outfit. They are made using different types of metal in both silver and gold. The stud earrings are great for the active woman or young girl who is just starting to wear jewelry. Hamsa Dangle earrings add movement and can be whimsical or elegant. There is more to jewelry than just how it looks. Hamsa hand earrings are the perfect mix of symbolism and aesthetics.