Frequently asked questions at Jewelry Judaica:

Where are your products made?

Most of our products are handmade in the United States. However, some of our products are made in Israel. Product descriptions will indicate if a product is made in Israel.  

Do your pendants come with chains?

Most of our pendants do not come with chains. A few styles do, but this will be indicated in the product descriptions. If you require a chain, we carry yellow gold, white gold and silver chains in several lengths.   

What length chain should I get for my pendant?

To a large degree, chain length is a preference that varies from person to person. However, it is also a factor of a person's size. A proper fitting chain for a 12 year old girl will probably be around 16" while it might be 18" for a 13 year old boy. Adult women will probably wear a chain between 16"-20", depending on how low they like their pendants to hang. For adult men, this range could be 18"-24". A general rule of thumb is to go 2 inches larger than your neck size. If you are unsure, use a string to find your ideal chain length and round up to the nearest size (just keep in mind the weight of the pendant will cause a chain to sit slightly lower). 

The jewelry I received has a small imperfection. Is it defective?

No. We take quality very seriously and inspect our items when we make them and prior to shipping. That said, our products are handmade and small imperfections in the casting process are normal, especially for very intricately sculpted pieces. We trust you will be satisfied but offer a return policy in the unlikely event you are not.

 I need my order delivered very soon. Can you expedite shipping?

Yes! We understand that special events can creep up on you so we work very hard to fulfill your order as quickly as possible. We recommend a few things when expediting an order. When checking out, make sure to add special instructions to let us know of your timeline needs. Additionally, though we typically have all items in stock, please understand that we periodically sell out of an item and have to make more. Out of stock items or special orders such as rings can add a few days to your order fulfillment. We recommend contacting us to check our inventory if your timeline is really tight. Depending on how soon you need your item, we also strongly recommend choosing an appropriate shipping method. 

Can you ship a gift directly to someone on my behalf?

Absolutely. When checking out, make sure the shipping address you use is that of the recipient and make a note in the special instructions box that this is a gift. You may also write a gift message for your intended recipient. Of course, when shipping a gift to a third party recipient, we will not include a package invoice. For a small fee, we can also wrap your gift for that perfect presentation.

 Do you do custom orders or can my order be engraved?

Yes and yes. Many pieces can be engraved and we can do custom orders. For example, it may be possible to change the finish of an item you like or to cast it in a different metal. Custom work can add up to 2 weeks to order fulfillment. Have something in mind? Ask us. And please see our return policy for special orders.

Can I return an item?

Please see our return policy for details.

What is a Mezuzah?

Jews are commanded to affix mezuzahs to their door posts to remind them of G-d's presence and commandments in their daily lives. A mezuzah is actually a handwritten parchment paper housed inside an often beautiful protective case we typically see on a Jewish doorway. The mezuzah has become a strong symbol of divine protection in Judaism. 

Are there any papers in your mezuzah pendants?

The mitzvah of the mezuzah applies to doors, not jewelry. So while door mezuzah cases must house a kosher parchment, or klaf, containing Torah verses, a jewelry representation of this symbol has no such requirements. Most of our mezuzah pendants are not designed to carry a paper inside but for those who insist, we carry several styles that carry a printed, non-kosher paper.

What is a Hamsa?

The Hamsa, meaning “five” in Arabic, is a hand-shaped symbol that has significance to Jews, Muslims and many Christians. It is a common amulet among north African and Middle Eastern cultures that is said to ward off the evil eye and offer protection. It is a very popular good luck charm.

What is a Chai?

Chai is the Hebrew word for “living.” The word is a popular symbol in Judaism. Interestingly, the Hebrew numerology of the letters that spell the word correspond to the number 18, making 18 a significant number in Jewish gift-giving. Both the chai motif and the number 18 represent long life and prosperity.

What is a Star of David?

This is the most popular symbol associated with Judaism around the world. Also called a "Jewish Star," "Magen David," or "Shield of David," the symbol is said to originate from the shield of the Israelite King David, though its actual origins are not completely clear. There is also Mystical, Kabbalistic significance to this beautiful shape. Of course, the symbol adorns the flag of the State of Israel.