Chai Pendant

The Chai is one of the more popular Jewish symbols found in Jewish jewelry. In recent years, Chai pendants have become increasingly popular, especially with men.  Unfortunately Jews in many parts of the world do not feel comfortable wearing the more recognizable Star of David symbol and have looked to other designs. Since Chai is made up of two Hebrew letters that can be in either print (block letter modern chai) or script (script letter chai) there are many artistic liberties that can be taken with the design of the Chai making it more abstract and less identifiable while still having deep significance. These is a popular abstract chai and hidden chai necklace.

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Chai Pendants are Good Luck Symbols

Chai is a Hebrew word that means "life" or "alive", and its symbolism makes it one of the most traditional and recognizable jewelry styles and decorative motifs in Jewish culture. The Chai symbolizes life and the importance of the life we have been given, that we are to appreciate life, and giving a wish for a good life.

Made up of two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, it is very popular to give Chai jewelry for any special occasion, whether a birthday, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, graduation, wedding, or at any milestone when a wish for a long and happy life is the primary thought behind the gift of a keepsake and heirloom that the recipient can keep forever as he or she smiles and thinks of you. The impressive pendants are hand crafted by highly-talented artists, which means no two are exactly alike.

Chai as a symbol goes as far back as the earliest Jewish roots. Its use as an amulet was popular in medieval Spain and 18th century Eastern Europe.

It is amazing how many ways the symbol can be turned into many unique shapes and made into traditional and contemporary styles in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold , sterling silver, and other materials. The pendants may be encrusted with diamonds, opals, rubies, sapphires, semi-precious gems, or other embellishments.

Artistic liberties are often taken with the design and theme of the Chai, sometimes making it more abstract and modern, but it always has its deep special gift of religious, cultural, and spiritual significance.

Some examples are:

Chai Filigree Pendant
In 14k white gold, this has an unusual filigree cut out.

14k Yellow Gold Chai Pendant
This is a solid Chai which is beautifully finished on both sides.

Sterling Silver Star of David Chai Pendant This is a large woven Star of David with a Chai in the center of it.

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