Star of David Necklace

The six-pointed Star of David, Jewish Star, or Magen David, is a popular Jewish symbol. Unlike some other ancient Jewish symbols, its origins are relatively modern, tracing usage back to medieval European communities. Nevertheless, the Star of David is the symbol most people think of when they think of the Jewish faith and a Star of David Necklace or pendant makes the perfect bar or bat mitzvah gift, or simply a proud statement of personal identity.


Star of David Necklace

A 6-pointed star, the Star of David, is a religious symbol commonly associated with Judaism, but it has never been exclusively linked to Jewish culture. It consists of two triangles with one pointing up and the other pointing down to create a hexagram. This symbol is seen on homes, religious buildings and you can even get many different jewelry items to signify its importance to you and your culture.

Some believe that the star is a symbol of three entities being connected to each other. These are God, Israel, and the Torah. The three combined unite the individual with faith and show how strong the connections are. The Torah teaches the rules and explanations of the faith, while Israel is the homeland that unites the Jewish people under God’s teachings.

Expressing your proud heritage through a necklace adorned with the Star of David enables you to stylishly show your unique sense of self while still adhering to your values and important parts of your life, such as religion. A basic silver or gold necklace will complement almost anything in your wardrobe with customizable options for accents and styles of the star itself.

Jewelry with the Star of David also makes an excellent gift for birthdays or especially for a Bat Mitzvah celebration. You can choose a basic chain and star design or take the extravagance up a notch by purchasing a gold chain instead of a silver one. Another option is to customize the design of the star by selecting the material and adorning it with small or large diamonds. The star is versatile enough to allow customization without taking away from the roots of where it came from or how much it means to an individual’s identity.

Show how well you know the person you’re buying a gift for by purchasing something that is meaningful and unique. A piece of jewelry with the Star of David can never steer you wrong when it comes to its significance.