Star of David Rings

Jewish Star of David rings evoke a more classic era and are still enjoyed by people both young and old. The Star of David serves as a badge of pride of Jewish heritage. It is the most recognized of the Jewish symbols and is full of historical meaning. We have beautiful Star of David rings in yellow gold and sterling silver. From the more masculine signet rings to the dainty and feminine filigree rings there are options for everyone.


Star of David Rings

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your Jewish loved one or co-worker? Look no further. Take a look at these beautiful Jewish Star of David rings from Jewelry Judaica.

Celebrate Our Faith

The Star of David is the perennial symbol of the Jewish faith, and its open display is a sign of one's pride in his or her Hebrew heritage. It is one of the most recognized and popular symbols of the Hebrew faith, known for being featured on the flag of the Israeli state, and for being displayed as a beacon of hope among the Jewish during some of the darkest times in our collective history.

The Star, also referred to as the Shield of David or the Magen David, was originally found etched on the shield of King David of the Israelites, making its historical significance among Jews undeniable. The sign is generously displayed on the walls and windows of most synagogues and temples, increasing its beloved status among those who share the Jewish faith. Not unlike the Christian cross, the Star is well-known even among secular nations and is held in high esteem as an emblem of the State of Israel and the Jewish diaspora throughout the world.

Gifts for Every Occasion

These beautiful Jewish Star of David rings are symbolic of our faith and our history. They make beautiful personalized gifts for your loved ones, whether they are celebrating a bar or bat mitzvah, a birthday, an engagement, or a marriage. They make perfect gifts for Passover, Hanukkah, and for your Rosh Hashanah host and hostess. Young or old, these rings are classic, sophisticated pieces that your loved ones are sure to enjoy.

So Many Styles to Choose From

We carry Jewish Star of David rings for both males and females, and we even carry smaller sizes for children and teens. We have styles in sterling silver, as well as traditional yellow gold varieties. Whether you are looking for delicate filigree styles for that special lady in your life, or the more manly signet type of ring for your male friends or relatives, we have a large selection of Star of David rings available for everyone on your shopping list.

For all your Hebrew jewelry needs, be sure to visit us at Jewelry Judaica. We carry both contemporary and traditional Jewish jewelry and accessories, including Jewish Star of David rings and other symbolic pieces.