Menorah Jewelry

The menorah is one of the most powerful and oldest symbols in Judaism. The menorah is a 7 branched candelabra made of gold explicitly detailed in the Bible for use in the worship of G-d in the wilderness and later in the great temple. Prior to the emergence of the Star of David, it was the most popular Jewish symbol and can be found on the emblem of Israel.  Find beautiful gold and silver menorah jewelry and menorah motifs woven into other Jewish symbols throughout or collection.


Menorah Jewelry

The menorah is a seven-branched candelabrum. A menorah remains one of the oldest symbols of Israel and Judaism. The candelabra was originally made of gold and used for worship of the one God of Israel. It was in use even before the time of the great temple in Jerusalem.

The menorah symbolizes Hanukkah. Each candle represents one of the nights of Hanukkah. During each night of the Hanukkah celebration, a new candle is lit. The ninth candle in the candelabrum is called the “shamash” or helper candle which lights the rest of the candles. The shamash candle is higher than the rest of the candles in a kosher candelabrum. Candles traditionally are arranged in a straight line in a menorah.

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