Other Jewish Jewelry Designs

When you think Jewish jewelry, you think Star of David, Hamsa or Chai, but there are so many more symbolic motifs that make beautiful jewelry! Our favorites include the Tree of Life, Ahava, which means “Love”, “Ani Le Dodi pendant (the perfect anniversary gift), Doves, “Bubbe” which means grandmother in Yiddish and Shadai charms. These lovely designs come in both yellow gold and silver.

Other symbols FAQ

What does a dove symbolize in Judaism?

The dove represents peace of the deepest kind. In Judaism the most significant reference to a dove is in the story of Noah. Noah sends a dove off the ark to see if there is dry land. The dove comes back with an olive branch which shows Noah that the waters have receded.

What does Mazal mean?

Mazal means luck in Hebrew. It also means “astrological sign”, which can determine your luck in life. Jewish people say Mazal Tov when they congratulate you, they are wishing good luck on you and are acknowledging your good fortune.

What does Ahava mean?

Ahava means Love in Hebrew. It’s a beautiful word to incorporate into Jewish jewelry. There is a famous Ahava sculpture in the museum of Israel that is commonly replicated in jewelry. It makes a great Tu B’av, Valentine’s day and anniversary gift!

What does Mizpah mean?

Mizpah is Hebrew for watchtower. It traces back to the bible and the story between Jacob and Laban but in modern uses it has come to reflect two people that are connected together. Its often seen on a heart with a zig zag line separating two pieces, one for each person to wear.

What does Shadai mean?

Shadai is one of the names for G-d. Its an acronym that is often found on door mezuzahs, the letters Shin, Daled, Yod stand for Shmor Dlatot Yisrael, which means protector of the doors of Israel, meaning that who protects Jewish homes.