2017 Holiday Gift Guide
November 02, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means the holiday season – and Hanukkah – is nearly upon us. We put together a list of a few items we know we'd love to receive and think you'll love to give! Here is a short gift-giving guide with some great ideas for getting the perfect gift.  


Seasonal Gifts

Dreidel Earring and Necklace Set


Silver Dreidel Earring and Necklace Set

Hanukkah is a festive holiday and these earrings and necklace are the perfect set to bring out your holiday spirit. You’ll want to play the dreidel game with these 3D dreidel earrings and necklace, made of solid sterling silver and featuring the engraved letters “nun,” “gimel,” “hay,” and “shin.” This adorable set can be worn during Hanukkah and all year round. Buy it for $89.99.


Holiday Charm Bracelet

Jewish Holiday Charm Bracelet

Why limit your holiday spirit to Hanukkah? This stunning bracelet has 6 lovely three-dimensional solid charms representing different Jewish holidays, including a Passover matzah, Purim grogger, Sukkot lulav, and of course, a Hanukkah dreidel! The bracelet itself is solid and an elegant link. And the best part? There is room to add even more charms! Buy it for $294.99.


Gifts for Her:

Rose Gold Diamond Chai Necklace

Rose Gold and Diamond Chai Necklace

Treat someone special with this dainty and elegant chai necklace, made of 14k rose gold, pave set with sparkly white diamonds. It’s a great every day piece that looks great layered or on its own! Buy it for $429.99.


Opalite Hamsa Pendant

Opalite Hamsa Pendant

This hamsa has a classic, timeless, stunning look! Filled with opalite, the pendant has a vibrant blue and green shimmer. The hamsa motif is believed to offer protection from the evil eye. There back also features an oxidized design with a protective Kabbalistic inscription (the letters Alef, Lamed, and Dalet), making it reversible. This pendant is solid and beautifully made. Buy it for $71.99.


Classic 14k Star of David Earrings

Gold Star of David Earrings

These classic Star of David earrings are enhanced by diamond cutting which makes them sparkle in your ears! They can be worn by women (or men) of all ages! They are super cute and would be an adorable gift for her. The entire earring and backing are made of 14k yellow gold. Buy it for $99.99.


Chai Heart Necklace

Chai in Heart Silver Necklace

This artistic design subtly blends the Hebrew word "chai" into a lovely heart design. The result is a design that is less obviously Jewish but just as elegant and stylish as any of our designs. It is perfect for someone who wants to wear a chai and be a bit more subtle. It makes a lovely gift for women of all ages. Buy it for $57.99.


Gifts for Him:

Star of David Keychain

Silver Star of David Keychain

This is a perfect gift for the man in your life that doesn’t wear jewelry! This keychain has a sterling silver Star of David dangling from it. The star is encircled so there are no pointy edges that can catch on anything. And both sides are finished beautifully, with two different textures to add a unique flair. Buy it for $69.99.


Yellow Gold Modern Chai pendant

Yellow Gold Chai Pendant

Chais are are often made for dudes because dudes dig ‘em. And your dude will dig this one. This modern chai features sleek, bold lines. It is solid, heavy, high-polished and can be worn by men of all ages. Buy it for $219.99.


Star of David Cufflinks

Silver Star of David Cufflinks

They say that clothes make the man and these cufflinks certainly finish the ensemble. These gorgeous Star of David cufflinks are bold, solid, and feature a high polish. A little flash without costing too much cash, these are a great value. They can be worn as is or monogrammed (email us for details)! Buy it for $119.99.