Positive Jewish Identity
November 03, 2021

Positive Jewish Identity

A few thoughts on the rise in Anti-Semitism and promoting positive Jewish identity…

We try to keep things light on this website, but we also feel the need to briefly address the current rise in Antisemitism all over the world.  We contemplated sharing something last month at the height of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict but all found ourselves engaged in our own personal social media battles with friends and colleagues that were spreading misinformation about Israel and we needed some time to process the Anti-Semitic events that were happening in our own backyards.

The tensions from the recent war in Israel have somewhat subsided but this wave of Anti-Semitism unfortunately has not. Just this week an orthodox boy was beat up in Los Angeles because he was Jewish. A child. It still just doesn’t seem plausible and has not quite sunk in, that this could be happening in America, in Los Angeles, in 2021. Its unfathomable and to most feels like we are listening to a story shared by a grandparent, not something popping up in our social media news feed.  Some of us are used to living in an environment where Anti-Semitism is always there, somewhere lurking in the shadows. But lately it seems much more in our face, and much closer to home. During these times, you see some Jews turning inward and avoiding drawing any attention to their religious identity. If they do buy Jewish jewelry, the opt for less over pieces our very popular heart pendant that has a Chai hidden in it.

To our pleasant surprise, I’m happy to report that in the last two months we have seen a significant increase in people purchasing large Star of David pendants. Simple, clean designs. There is no confusing the symbol or the message they are going for and we couldn’t be prouder. We thought it was important to share this information and that it was important for Jewish people everywhere to know that they are not alone.  We strongly condemn any Anti-Semitic acts. We stand against Anti-Semitism and applaud and salute anyone who stands with us. As a company, we are fortunate to receive support from many non-Jewish customers, and if you are reading this, we really appreciate you!  We pray for an end to these violent crimes and hope for a better, safer future for all of us. A future where no one is scared to wear a blatant Jewish symbol and we can all be proud and feel safe if everyone knows who we are.

In our mission to help promote positive Jewish identity, we want to flood the internet with pictures of people proudly wearing their Jewish Jewelry! So please send us photos that we can share or tag us @jewelryjudaica and we will repost them!

Wishing you a Shabbat shalom!

The Jewelry Judaica Team