November 18, 2020

2020 Hanukkah Gift Guide!

Its that time of the year again! Hanukkah begins on December 10th and we have rounded up our favorite Jewish jewelry items of the year! Make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list to take advantage of our special promotions!

Hanukkah Jewelry

Sterling Silver Dreidel Earrings and dreidel pendant. This adorable set is so festive and beautifully made. Its a solid three dimensional dreidel pendant with the letters Nun, Shin, Gimel & Samech engraved, one on each side of the dreidel. 
This stunning Star of David pendant was handmade in Israel. Its made of 14k yellow gold and has 2 dreidels cut out of the center of the star. This unique pendant is beautifully made and makes the perfect Hanukkah gift!
This Star of David has a menorah in the center and is adorned with with opalite accents. The menorah is a symbol of Hanukkah and a central part in the miracle that takes place in the story of Hanukkah.

Best gifts under $50

Part of our brand new $49.99 necklace collection, this stunning pendant is a Tree of life with hearts hidden in the leaves. It hangs from a cable chain and is beautifully made of sterling silver.
Hamsa Evil Eye bracelets are all the rage. The ball link design looks great on its own or stacked with your favorite bracelets. Its made of sterling silver and very comfortable to wear. Matching hamsa earrings and pendant available too!
Chai Heart Dangle earrings are so fun to wear and beautifully symbolic too. A long life full of love. The earrings are made of sterling silver and are loved by young girls and adult women alike!

Best gifts for men

This solid Chai pendant is made of sterling silver. Its smooth and high polished and very substantial. Its one of our best sellers for men and is available in gold too.
Star of David Cufflinks are a great gift for men! These are made of sterling silver and depict the classic woven Jewish star design. The cufflinks are solid and beautifully made.
This two tone modern Star of David was handmade in Israel. It has a unique design made up of bars with different textures. Its large enough for an adult male but can be worn by women as well!

Best gifts for women

This elegant hamsa pendant is beautifully detailed with classic Yemenite filigree. Its made of 14k yellow gold and has a smooth finish. It looks great hanging from a long chain.
One of our best selling and beloved pendants, the heart star is made of 14k yellow and white gold. The heart is made of white gold and the triangle is made of yellow gold. The pendant is solid and beautifully made and available in silver too,
The Jewish Holiday charm bracelet features a stunning rolo chain with 6 beautifully detailed charms representing the Jewish holidays. The charms include a kiddush cup, matzah, grogger, dreidel, lulav and candlesticks.