June 16, 2013

Jewish Wedding Rings

Top 7 Best Selling Jewish Wedding Bands

1. 4.5mm Ani Le Dodi Engraved band








This is one of our narrower, lighter Jewish wedding bands that is particularly popular with the ladies, its 4.5mm width makes it versatile enough to stack next to an engagement ring or other bands.  There is also an oxidized and diamond version available!

2. Ani Le Dodi Cut out Jewish Wedding Band


This classic Beloved Wedding Band design has the quote "Ani Le Dodi V'Dodi Li" written in a beautiful Hebrew font. The letters are bordered by a gold bar and the space around the letters is cut out. While technically not kosher by Orthodox standards, this is still one of our most popular designs for anniversary gifts, vow renewals and weddings! Popular in both yellow gold and white gold.

3. Zeh Dodi V'Zeh Rei Wedding Band

This is the only style Jewish Wedding band that doesn't say Ani Le Dodi, it says Zeh Dodi V'Zeh Rei, which translates to "This is my beloved, this is my friend." This quote is also found in Song of Songs. While its not the traditional wedding vow that is said at a Jewish wedding, its a beautiful quote that is popular both in the all yellow gold and blackened gold versions!

4. Raised Letter Thick Ani Le Dodi Jewish Wedding Band

This thick and chunky Ani Le Dodi wedding band isn't for the weak fingered. Its solid gold and has a textured finish with raised letters that say "Ani Le Dodi V' Dodi Li. This beautiful ring is a favorite for men but also regularly worn by women, and don't forget to check out the diamond version for some extra bling!

5. Ani Le Dodi Band with Ridge

This is one of our newer designs that has won many hearts. The ridged edges are the same height as the raised letters that spell out Ani Le Dodi Ve Dodi Li. The background has a textured finish and the ring is quite solid but very comfortable to wear.  Its available in white and yellow gold, as is the narrower 5mm version that you can see above. Makes a great matching set for husband and wife!

6. Scalloped Blackened Ani Le Dodi Wedding Band

This 7.5mm Ani Le Dodi band has a nice flowy scalloped design. The border and letters are the same height and the background is lower. The background has a blackened finish which really makes the letters pop. Its a more unique design and is very comfortable to wear!

7. Banded Ani Le Dodi Wedding Band


This is one of our most classic designs, with raised letters and an elegant Hebrew front. This unisex design is very popular with both men and women in white and yellow gold.  Its solid and comfortable and the letters have a very smooth finish.


June is considered the kick off to wedding season, so what better time to learn a bit about Jewish wedding bands.

The traditional Jewish wedding ceremony includes the gifting of a simple, unadorned gold band from the groom to his bride, accompanied by the groom’s words: “You are hereby consecrated to me, with this ring, according to the law of Moses and Israel.” Technically, the groom need only give the bride a gift of some small value in order to marry her but tradition has agreed upon a ring. The continuity of the ring represents the hope for an everlasting marriage.

At many modern Jewish weddings, the bride also chooses to give a ring to her husband at some point during the ceremony. While this is not permitted in most Orthodox ceremonies to avoid the impression that there was a trade of goods between the bride and groom rather than a gift, it is permitted in Conservative and Reform ceremonies.

In recent years, many people have been looking past the plain gold band for something more interesting, and wedding bands featuring biblical and spiritual quotes have gained popularity. In these bands, the letters of the quotes wrap around the finger to echo the continuity of the shape of the band itself. 

Of course, check with your rabbi to see if you may use such rings under the chuppah! Even if you can’t, these make wonderful gifts for yichud (bride/groom seclusion after the ceremony) and are very popular as anniversary gifts or for renewing wedding vows. 

Our handmade Jewish wedding bands come in 14k yellow and white gold in all different designs and finishes. We have some stunning styles featuring diamonds as well. Many couples like to have matching bands, some of our styles come in different widths, different colors of gold and with/without diamonds. If you and your partner can't agree on a style, you can still match without getting the same exact ring. 

The most popular quote placed on these bands is אני לדודי ודודי לי from Song of Songs 6:3. It means "I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me." Other quotes include “Harei at mekudeshet li,” which is the first half of the vow traditionally recited in the ceremony (“you are hereby consecrated to me”). Other quotes include Ze dodi v'ze re'ei, “this is my beloved, this is my friend,” Tehiye nafshi keshura benafshech, “my soul will intertwine with your soul,” and many more. What a beautiful and spiritual gift to give the one you love!